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Herb Pharm brand strategy

Herb Pharm is a deeply respected brand among herbalists and natural health seekers, but they wanted to reach a new generation of consumers who aren't so in-the-know about their high-quality line of liquid herbal extracts. In collaboration with Maxwell PR, I helped develop the brand positioning, differentiating pillars, tagline, brand voice, and language guidance created with their new audience in mind.

Radio 6 Festival - Day One

The start of April saw a trip to Cardiff for the 6 Music Festival. The station, recently celebrating their 20th anniversary is still at the cutting edge -bringing attention to the next big thing, while respecting the shadows of music legends past. The festival returns from its two-year break with a first-time visit to Cardiff. And I took a trip to the Student Union for Cardiff University, The Great Hall. It was arguably the place to be that weekend, with an array of established and new musicians, and I had the pleasure of being their for all three days.
By Maia Gibbs

Good Bones, Good Future: Couple lovingly rescues and revives historic home after it sustains major fire damage

A 1996 fire had ravaged the historic stone and brick house, built in three sections beginning circa 1800. The interior sustained extensive damage: a collapsed first floor, holes in the roof and major smoke damage throughout. The house was bulldozer-bound. And then came Jeff.
By Wendy Kedzierski
• The Journal

Review: Legacy Tap Dance Concert (dance Immersion and Canadian Stage)

Full of feeling, soul, personality and creativity, the Legacy Tap Dance Concert brings together two Canadian tap dance legends, Travis Knights and Lisa La Touche, in performance and choreography. Together, they perform with a group of tappers, movers and a full band under the musical direction of on-stage drummer Danny Milwalkee. This moving and grooving outdoor show takes place in the beautiful High Park Amphitheatre, and is presented by dance Immersion in association with Canadian Stage.
By The Dance Debrief
Dance Review

Gig Buddies Volunteer Recruitment Campaign

Brighton Fringe is teaming up with Gig Buddies for Good Mental Health, an organisation set up to match adults experiencing Mental Health challenges with a volunteer who has similar interests, to go to events together that they both love. Gig Buddies is designed for individuals with mild to moderate mental health needs, who are able to live fairly independent lives but need an extra bit of support to empower them to attend live events. Brighton Fringe and Gig Buddies are looking to find volunteers of all ages, no matter their background, who can support adults to attend Brighton Fringe 2022. Training and support is provided, and all volunteers are police checked to ensure we are all thinking about the safety of the people we support. Gig Buddies matches up participants and volunteers based on a common interest and taste. Gig buddy pairs then meet, plan what they’ll do together, and get together at least once a month to go to an event, whether that’s a gig, concert, club night, art gallery, or other cultural events.
By Laura Bossom

Hendrick Automotive Group - Google Data Studios Report Dashboard

One of the biggest dealership groups in the US requested for a live dashboard to be created so that the group's managers and decision makers have a place to easily access and monitor the marketing efforts of the stores. I was able to create a dashboard that is able to show key metrics and KPIs while fulfilling the client's request through Google Data Studios.
By Lydia Lee

INT570- All Source Intelligence

To provide the current and thorough Intelligence Analysis required today by Senior Policy Makers, Military Leadership, and Corporate America, All-Source Analysts utilize HUMINT, IMINT, SIGINT, TECHINT, MASINT, and OSINT. Professional analysts use a variety of linking, modeling and data manipulation or artificial intelligence software packages. In this course, we will look at several means of collecting and analyzing multi-discipline information but remain focused on the need and ability to synthesize all of this data, however collected, into objective and cohesive All Source products
By Rachael Riggs
Intelligence Masters

College A-Level Media and Film Coursework

In order to complete my A-Level qualification for Media and Film studies, I had to produce and edit video content to be sent off as coursework. Media Studies required me to produce 3x 30 second adverts to advertise a fictional aftershave brand and this was filmed on location in Salford. For Film Studies I had to write, direct and produce a 5 minute short film which started with an enigma code and from this brief I produced "The Screening", following a protagonist who finds himself broadcasted across every technological device in his house and thus attempts to find the route of the problem. I am currently not able to upload the footage for these projects onto Youtube or Vimeo due to them being held by the exam boards however if you would like to see the full things please contact me and i'd be more than happy to showcase them.
By Ben Vause - Portfolio