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Do you track talent or grow your own? — think

The hunter is opportunity-minded; they track and scout their prey, developing an intimate knowledge of its characteristics, its likes, and dislikes, to capture it at the right moment. The employer who hunts for talent will find it. They will prey on the limited pool of skilled staff available and lure them with benefits. But it will be a short-lived venture. To preserve their hunt, they must dedicate time and energy into prolonging their shelf life, or risk scouting relentlessly for new talent.
By Heather Willis

Red Cross appeals for more donations for Odette

MANDALUYONG CITY -- Describing the aftermath of Odette as "a slow, simpering, difficult challenge that will go on for the next several months," the Philippine Red Cross(PRC) Chairman and CEO Senator Richard "Dick" Gordon held an emergency diplomatic meeting with the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) and 29 ambassadors and diplomats last December 23, 2021. He thanked them for their contributions and appealed for more donations for those who were affected by t
By Angela Chavez

Unsound ogłasza program artystyczny oraz harmonogram

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By Jan Rem

Route des glaces et chaine YouTube à succès, portrait d’un camionneur français au Canada.

Malgré tous ces défis, traverser une route glacée faisait partie de ses objectifs en étant au Canada. « Dans la vie je suis comme ça, il faut toujours que j’aille au-delà de ce que je peux faire et je ne pouvais passer à côté d’un lac gelé », confie-t-il. Il se rend donc en Ontario, à Red Lake pour traverser cette route mythique. « À cette période, elle n’était pas ouverte aux camions, j’ai donc demandé l’autorisation aux autorités locales et à la police. Je leur ai aussi demandé si c’était dang
By Marine Lobrieau

DCI Unmasks NMS Workers Running Child Theft Syndicate

The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) on Tuesday, November 3, unmasked two Nairobi Metropolitan Service (NMS) for running a child theft syndicate at the capital. While testifying at the Milimani Law Courts, DCI head of forensic document examination, John Muinde, revealed that the two health workers conspired to write a letter authorizing the release of three children at the Mama Lucy Hospital. Muinde stated that they made the findings after conducting a forensic examination on the h
By Washington Mito
• Kenyans.co.ke

Ninja Tune we współpracy z Coldcut wypuszcza aplikację dla producentów

Egalitaryzacja. Tak w skrócie można opisać wszystko to co dzieje się na sprzętowym rynku muzyki elektronicznej w ostatnich latach. Kiedyś by zostać DJ-em trzeba było posiadać ciężko wypracowane umiejętności. Dziś SYNC, Traktor i Rekordbox ułatwia granie do tego stopnia, że aby stanąć za deckami wystarczy dokonać w zaciszu domowym selekcji kawałków.
By Czesław Wszędobylski

'Madison Chefs' author looks at the people behind the city's thriving restaurant scene

Madison is an essential player in Wisconsin’s food culture. Home to the nation’s largest weekly farm market, it is also a launchpad and destination for chefs with a deep connection to local food. Delving into the stories behind that food, Lindsay Christians began working on a series of chef profiles in 2017, long before a pandemic shifted the restaurant landscape indefinitely.

Haueter: The purity culture to victim blaming pipeline

Content warning: this piece contains mentions of sexual assault. I transferred to Iowa State from a small, private, Christian, conservative university. When I tell my friends from Iowa State about some of the rules we had to follow, they can't help but laugh. For example, we were: • Not allowed to drink, even if you were 21. • Not allowed to live off campus unless we were over 21, married or living with our parents. • Not allowed to have boys in our dorms after 8 p.m., and if we had a boy in o
By Kylee Haueter
• Iowa State Daily

Climate Change or Habitat Loss? New Study Weighs Which Influences Birds More

In 1900, on Christmas Day, 27 birders in 25 locations across the United States donned winter gear and binoculars, then stepped outside to list all the birds they could see in 24 hours. They didn’t know it then, but they were launching what would become the world's longest-running community science project on birds. Much has changed since that first count: Global temperatures have risen by 1 degree Celsius, or 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit, the U.S. population has more than quadrupled, and 64 percent o
By Spoorthy Raman
• Audubon

Can Writing Be a Career? — Stellar Media

Many writers spend years of school dreaming about becoming a bestselling author someday. Once you find your love of writing, it never quite goes away, and you can’t help imagining yourself writing for the rest of your life. As we grow older, we realize that writing isn’t necessarily the most realistic career path. Even well-known authors with several successful books often supplement with another job to pay the bills. As technology becomes more and more relevant in our society, though, more opp
By Cadie Krivoniak
Stellar Media

ABM Business Growth Course | NNC Services

This is an Account Based Marketing and Sales Training Course for High Ticket Value Products and Services. ABM is the most effective sales and marketing strategy for 87% of B2Bs. B2B ABM Academy is a 8 weeks business growth course, a coaching program to help you drive sales in large accounts. This live interactive online bootcamp is designed for business leaders, owners of B2B scale-ups, marketing and sales leaders that need to generate high ticket leads and sell large accounts for their busines
By Alexandru Tudosie
NNC Services

Jordan Alexander Traded Her Signature Shaved Head for Green Cornrows

We have not been able to get enough of Jordan Alexander since the reboot of Gossip Girl hit our screens. Much like her character Julien Calloway (and the OG ladies of the Upper East Side), Jordan is known for her style and attitude but what sets her apart is her gorgeous, shaved head. However, she decided to take a break from her trademark look and pleasantly surprise us by sporting green cornrows.
By Natasha Mulenga
• Teen Vogue

De onde vêm as nossas farinhas?

Se és apaixonado pela arte de fazer pão ou se gostas de colocar as "mãos na massa", muito provavelmente já conheces as Farinhas Paulino Horta, uma empresa familiar que se orgulha das sucessivas gerações de moleiros da sua história. Foi graças à nossa Patrícia e ao seu companheiro, o Gonçalo, pasteleiro, que o encontro entre a Maria Granel e a Farinhas Paulino Horta se tornou possível, após uma visita do casal às instalações, em Alenquer. Tendo como ingredientes da “massa mãe” o amor e a dedicaç
By Lizandra Gasparro

How Much Money Do You Need to Feel Rich? New Research Has the Answer

Money. It makes the world go round and it’s the root of all evil. We all want it, we all need it, but is there ever an end to this insatiable quest for wealth? Aside from recent findings that show an upper limit to the happiness money can bring you, a new report from the comparison site Finder has revealed just how much cash Australians say they would need before considering themselves rich. According to their survey of 1,013 respondents, one in four of us wouldn’t consider ourselves wealthy u
By Jack Revell
• The Latch

Campaigners tell Glasgow City Council leisure and culture venues are "not a luxury"

Campaigners tell Glasgow City Council leisure and culture venues are "not a luxury" Protest groups who are demanding the re-opening of "crucial" Glasgow Life venues have accused the Council of viewing facilities such as libraries, museums and leisure clubs as "luxury add-ons". A large-scale protest march will set off from Cathedral Square on Saturday at 12.30pm, July 31st - following a route along Castle Street, High Street, Trongate and Saltmarket, entering Glasgow Green via the McLennan Arch
By Lucy Farrell
Clyde 1

Art World Couples We Can’t Stop Watching

What happens when incredibly artistic people couple up with other incredibly artistic people? In some cases, it’s the stuff of magic. The artists below create some of today’s most evocative and unique work, and we can’t help but wonder how their similarly talented partners have helped spur them on. Historic comparisons to the artistic partnerships of poets Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning of the mid-19th century, Dutch painters Gerda Wegener and Lili Elbe in the early 20th century or John L
By Molly Wilcox

SiriusXM Holds the Fate of the Stitcher App In It’s Hands

The march of podcast consolidation continues. Is Stitcher next on the chopping block? Liberty Media’s SiriusXM bough the company in 2020 in the wake of it’s 2018 purchase of Pandora, and just merged the advertising arms of both into a new company called SXM Media. If you note the branding, things may not be looking good for Stitcher, but it goes much deeper than that.
By Forest Hunt
• Medium

International Handball Federation revises sexist uniform regulation

Back in July, the Norwegian female beach handball team was levelled with a £1,200 fine after their players wore shorts for the 2021 European championships instead of the typical bikini bottoms. Until the recent change in regulation, women were required to wear crop tops and “close fit” bottoms that were “cut on an upward angle”. Their male counterparts were allowed tank tops with shorts that had to hit at least four inches above their knees. Norway’s teams had both been playing in shorts back
By Castor Chan
• The Courier Online

The Nostalgic Appeal Of 'Shazam!'

Who doesn’t get nostalgic during the holidays? As age-old traditions make their way back to our homes this time of the year and anecdotes are shared with friends and family, it’s probably safe to say that most people’s enjoyment of the season comes from memories of previous ones. While nostalgia has become something of a crutch in our entertainment consumption in recent years, Christmas, Hanukkah, the Three Wise Men—whatever it is you celebrate during these months—are certainly safe from this cr
By Ursula Muñoz Schaefer

Case Studies — waterers

Freelance opportunity to tell the stories of nine recipients of funds from nonprofit The Waterers based in the Midwest. All case studies were written by me. The Waterers are the entrusted fund stewards of the Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and the 23 Native Nations geographic region Assembly. Our Assembly centers Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) creatives as leaders. Our gift-making strategy attends to the nuance and complexities of this region.
By Amber Coles