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lisbeth delgado

i am a middle school student and i am in Tep Charter School

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Klea Hawkins

Copywriter at SSENSE. Published writer with e-commerce, marketing, advertising, branding, content creation, and editorial experience. Interests include early …

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Lana Willocks

Lana Willocks, freelance writer and editor. Canadian born but living in Phuket, Thailand, since 1999, I write about …

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Jennifer Bhargava

Jennifer Bhargava is a digital and print journalist based in Kansas City, Mo. Her work has been featured …

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Thaís Lacaz

Graduada em Comunicação Social - Jornalismo pela Universidade Federal de São João del-Rei.

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Urban Wronski

Urban Wronski is a free-lance writer and rural guerilla who pursues the richness of a life on the …

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Denise White

City College student studying journalism.

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Spezialisierungen: Journalism

Marisa Cannon

London-based travel and lifestyle journalist, deputy editor of Jaguar and Land Rover magazines

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Sam Johnson

My name is Sam. I live and work in the changing city of Atlanta. Here are a few …

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Colin Dombrowski

I'm Colin Dombrowski: A writer/content director. I work on creative projects which range from ad campaigns to comedic …

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John Turney

I am John Mark. I'm a student of anything and everything. I have a background working in the …

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Eternity Ines

Finishing my undergraduate degree in Communication Arts Currently Managing Editor for De La Salle University - Manila's official …

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Kompetenzen: Video Editor, Photographer, Feature Writer, Editor
Spezialisierungen: Social Media, Lifestyle, Film, Features, Culture, Art

Thayná Santos Peres

Sou jornalista e autora do livro-reportagem "Além de um Olhar - histórias sobre depressão". Experiência de um ano …

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Kompetenzen: Reporter
Spezialisierungen: Social Media, Journalism

Margarita Rosa

I am a culture writer and Ph. D candidate in Literature at Princeton University. My work centers around …

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Wael Montasser

More than 12 years of experience in developing content for companies’ websites, blogs, white papers, business collaterals, case …

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Sandra Guzdek

I transform technical information into accurate, concise, customer-friendly content. I’m a detail-oriented problem solver who meets milestones and …

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Shelby Skrhak

Shelby is a journalist, podcaster and content strategist turned full-time freelancer based in Texas.

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Sarah Moran

Sarah is a 23-year old creative focusing on lifestyle journalism. After her four month long editorial internship at …

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Alexandra Susser

I am a senior Philosophy student at Portland State University. The majority of my writing is currently academic …

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Linh Ta

A well-rounded reporter with extensive experience covering breaking news, crime and city politics.

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Gabriela Santos

Sou Gabriela Santos, 32 anos, jornalista, apaixonada por redação e reportagem. Ao longo da minha atuação profissional, experimente …

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Kompetenzen: Sub-editor, Reporter, Copywriter
Spezialisierungen: Politics, News, Literature, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Food, Culture

Christine Grove

“In the English language, it all comes down to this: Twenty-six letters, when combined correctly, can create magic. …

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Huy Bui

Content Marketing professional, avid lover of sports, history, and politics

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Maria Clara Moreira

Jornalista | 24 | São Paulo

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Rugile Pekinas

Student journalist. Former news writer/ current Co-Sports Editor for the Foothill Dragon Press. Aspiring world traveler. Dog lover. …

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Kompetenzen: Editor
Spezialisierungen: Travel, Sports, News

Aliza Tabassum

Hi! I'm Aliza, a freelance blogger, and copywriter. I write unique and research-driven content about business, career, life …

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Michael Sutherns

Writing is my passion, my job and the inscription on my soul.

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Mariana Lopes

Redatora de conteúdo com foco em digital. Trabalhei com marcas como Cinemark, MAC, Clinique, Jo Malone London entre …

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Rylee Gallagher

Rylee Gallagher is a junior at Belmont University earning degrees in Music Business and Entrepreneurship with an interest …

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restyana yusran

In order to live, a woman have to do what she need to do

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Babie Sarah Ladeza

Student | Freelance Writer | Blogger | Vlogger | Host | Digital Marketing (Hubspot Certified) | English Tutor

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Olivia Oldham

Olivia Oldham is a freelance journalist, copywriter, editor and aspiring novelist. She's also a Masters student at the …

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Sade Teel

I am currently a junior majoring in Electronic News Journalism at the University of Central Florida. I am …

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Camila Gonzatto

Writer • Content Management • Screenwriter

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Cynthia Lieberman

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Spezialisierungen: Entertainment, Business, Art

Findiani Dwi Astari

Hello my name is Findiani Dwi Astari. I am a talented, ambitious and hardworking individual, with broad skills …

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Kompetenzen: Video Editor, Photographer, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Travel, Social Media, Science, Music

Gillian Stofferis

Zet woorden in een bepaalde volgorde. Drager van het virus 'Digitalitis'. Liefhebber van de belangrijkste bijzaak in het …

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leah meriya

Hi, I am a writer, and happily unemployed now and looking forward to great opportunities.

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Savannah Abbott

Greetings from Texas! Welcome to my little corner of the web. Here lives a very small sampling of …

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