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Natasha Lees

I have been freelance writing for over 17 years and have worked on a variety of interesting projects. …

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Gayle McCord

I'm a freelance writer/journalist covering the nexus between urban mobility, smart cities, and community, business, and governmental stakeholders. …

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Bethany Garrett

UK-based writer and editor specialising in music, culture and art features and reviews, as well as feminism and …

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Alex Hewitt

English 105 Portfolio

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Vaughan Dees

22 year old New York native and graduate of The University of Alabama in Huntsville (UAH). My degree …

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Spezialisierungen: Art

Maroua Hannache

Maroua hannache, 24ans de Casablanca, je suis ingénieur informatique et ingénieur audiovisuel à l'IFJ SUP. Au collège je …

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Nic Wright

A versatile copywriter, with specialist experience in content, email and social marketing? A dab hand at creating clean, …

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Kompetenzen: Sub-editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Copywriter, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Social Media, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Film, Features, Entertainment, Culture

Natalie Stamey

Committed to written excellence and world class customer service.

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Md Saifullah

Creative Writer | Reader | Content Thinker

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Beverley Arbogast

Hello, My name is Beverley Arbogast, I am a 2020 high school graduate as well as a community …

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Gabriela Guedez

Award-winning journalist with over 10 years of experience writing for print and digital publications. Social media enthusiast and …

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Amanda Pieper

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Kompetenzen: Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Copywriter, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Social Media, Science, Lifestyle, Journalism, Education, Business

Oshrat Faratci

Advertising tells a story. It's the foundation of the loyal connection between a person and a brand. As …

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Melissa Wylie

I'm coming to the end of my degree in magazine journalism, so my portfolio holds evidence of my …

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Kompetenzen: Editor
Spezialisierungen: Journalism

Martha Cusick

Who am I? I'm your writer! I'm a freelance content strategist, writer, blogger, and PR expert, helping clients …

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Haseeb Ali

Let me Take your Business To the Another Level

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Akshay Prashant

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Kompetenzen: Poetry, Creative Writing, Copywriter, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Travel, Technology, Sports, Social Media, Science, Politics, News, Music, Literature, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Food, Film, Features, Fashion, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Business, Art

Michelly Neris

Estudante de jornalismo da Unesp - Bauru Tenho 21 anos. Sou uma escritora entusiasta, que ama cultura pop, …

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Stephanie Capillas

Multi-cultural and multi-media craze.

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Jen Taggart

Content should create an enjoyable experience for the reader, no matter the subject. I strive to inform and …

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Maria Alanna Cargullo

Lana started out as a Probationary News Writer and eventually got promoted to Junior News Writer for the …

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Jennie Williams

I am a freelance writer and content producer based in NY.

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Amoz Kuang

My name is really spelt with a Zed (or Zee, as you Muricans pronounce it). Marketing graduate with …

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Evangelos Aftosmes

Bachelor of Science Candidate in Chemistry and Economics from the University of Pittsburgh

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Delfina Morganti Hernández

Translator entrepreneur, writer, researcher, industry blogger and marketeer helping direct and agency clients succeed in the Latin American, …

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William Reagan

I’m a creative, collaborative writer who enjoys capturing complex ideas with simple sentences. I like accuracy, clarity, and …

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Danielle Thomas

Blogger. Author. Globetrotter. I cover travel, science, lifestyle and opinion.

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Agnes Emri

I am a content writer and editor based in London, well-trained in SEO best practices. Whether you’re looking …

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Grace Chee

I'm a lifestyle writer based in Beijing. In the past, I've worked for Time Out Beijing and Lifestyle …

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Spezialisierungen: Travel, Lifestyle, Food, Fashion

Leonie Dennis

Hi, I'm Leonie A. Dennis. I'm a content strategist and communications specialist with more than 10 years of …

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Matthew Enuco

Writer looking for new opportunities.

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Jeff Arnold

Jeff Arnold is an award-winning multi-media reporter and editor with more than 20 years of experience in some …

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Kompetenzen: Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Sports, News, Journalism

K Woodgate

I'm a motivated, media professional with over 15 years experience in writing:features web based contentsocial media content Experienced …

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Kompetenzen: Sub-editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter

Jasmine Massey

Journalist from St. Louis, MO.

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