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Add your current and past projects to your portfolio in any format including PDF, image, video and audio. Or showcase your design across the web with quick and easy URL linking.

Journo Portfolio has unlimited design options, so you can express your style and personality in the way you want on every page. With our intuitive themes and sections you will soon see that you really can create anything.

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Der Einstieg in Journo Portfolio ist schnell gemacht, aber es ist auch vollgepackt mit Funktionen, die Ihnen helfen, die Dinge auf die nächste Ebene zu bringen.

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Daniel Dodson

Chicago, ILUniversity Communications | Writing | Graphic & Layout Design | Publication Management

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Rayji de Guia

fictionist, poet, & illustrator

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Lisa Alvarado is an editor, copywriter, poet, novelist, and journalist. She has provided marketing and content creation copy …

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Mike Hammer, a.k.a. Hib - "The Gig Doctor"

Given the continued pandemic, COVID-19, more businesses are allowing workers to work from home where applicable. When the …

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Jennifer Jackson-Outlaw

Freelance Writer, Digital Creator, Podcaster, and Founder of Plum Goode Media.

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Kayla (Lokeinsky) Gardner

Freelance Digital Content Creator and Social Media Manager New York Times Editing Center Page Designer Blogger -The Happy …

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Sabrina Karl

Freelance data visualizationResearch • Design • Writing

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