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Rosie Bond

Hi there! My name’s Rosie and I’m a content creator from a damp part of an equally damp …

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Karen Magalhães

Jornalista com especialização em Comunicação Digital e inglês avançado. Comecei minha carreira na escrita por meio da redação …

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Eric Smith

Writer | Colorado

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Kompetenzen: Reporter, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter
Spezialisierungen: Travel, Sports, News, Journalism, Features, Business

Katherine Purvis

Journalist. Northern. Staff Writer @WannabeHacks. Occasional food blogger. Interests; Africa, development, global health, good food, and the gym …

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Kompetenzen: Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Health, Food

Diego Garcia

Periodista especializado en el mundo del motor de competición. He desarrollado un amplio trabajo tanto en el terreno …

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Nur baityyy

I am graduated from Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University Jakarta majoring in Communication and Islamic Broadcasting. I have …

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Paul Herzog

Gamer by nature. Journalist at heart.

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Kompetenzen: Reporter, Feature Writer, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Technology, Sports, Social Media, Lifestyle, Journalism, Entertainment, Culture

Caitlin Tan

A journalist reporting on everyday life in the Rocky Mountains.

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Stella Ryne

Stella Ryne is an art historian, traveller, conscious consumer and a proud mother. When she is not trying …

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Caroline Brown

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Kompetenzen: Proofreader, Illustrator, Feature Writer, Editor, Creative Writing, Copywriter, Blogger

Ashley Vazquez

Ashley Vazquez studied Journalism and International Relations at USC. She writes about politics, poverty, legal issues and communities …

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Kompetenzen: Video Editor, Translator, Reporter, Photographer, Feature Writer, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Travel, Social Media, Politics, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Health, Environment, Entertainment, Education, Culture

Izabela Garcia

Sou estudante de publicidade e propaganda. Tenho 20 anos de idade e sou apaixonada pelo mundo criativo. Ainda …

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Kavya Sebastian

I'm a professional people-watcher who sometimes writes things. This is my small corner of the endless internet where …

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Yuwei Liu

Hi here, this is Liu Yuwei Visen! Born in the mainland of China, currently studying journalism and finance …

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Kompetenzen: Reporter, Photographer
Spezialisierungen: Social Media, News, Journalism

Maria Paula Autran

Brazilian journalist, translator, and conference interpreter. Languages: English, Spanish, French and Brazilian Portuguese. Former business and economics journalist …

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Kompetenzen: Translator, Sub-editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter, Broadcaster
Spezialisierungen: Social Media, News, Journalism, Education, Business

Anne Germino

I'm a passionate communicator with the ability to develop, execute and lead multi-channel, multi-region marketing and communication plans …

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caroline santolli

I am a recent graduate of Quinnipiac University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and …

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Bianca Bezerra Pinto

Nascida em São Paulo, 21 anos, estudante de Comunicação Social - Jornalismo. Seja no trabalho ou na vida …

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Gustavo Castro

Gustavo Castro é graduando em Comunicação Social- Jornalismo pela Universidade de Cuiabá (Unic). Escreveu para o Jornal Notícia …

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Barbara Onianwah

The Restless One | Lover of GOD | Lover of Change | Content Creator | Multi-hyphenate

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D'Andre Weaver

Inspiring Curiosity. Loves all kids; works to see them live their dreams.

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jessie lee-bauder

Macalester College class of 2018 graduate, experienced copywriter and editor

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Anthony Sciarratta

Anthony Philip Sciarratta was born in Maspeth, New York to Italian-American parents.Growing up in a traditional family, Anthony …

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Kompetenzen: Video Editor, Reporter, Proofreader, Poetry, Feature Writer, Creative Writing, Copywriter, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Technology, Sports, Social Media, Reviews, News, Literature, Journalism, Film, Entertainment, Art

Christopher Bullock

I am a sports writer for The State Hornet (Sac State U.) and a contri for Swish Appeal, …

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Spezialisierungen: Sports

Daniela García

Creo* historias. *crear(se): ‘Producir(se) algo que no existía’. Real Academia Española: Diccionario de la lengua española, 23.ª ed.

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Yasser Belaiachi

Universal Traveller and spokalist artist looking for multicultural interaction!

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Arum Wahyuningtyas

A worker, book reviewer, like about writing.

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James Brodie

Automotive journalist and blogger. Newcastle University BA Politics graduate 2014, Coventry University MA Automotive Journalism graduate 2015.

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Kompetenzen: Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Politics, Journalism

William Vance

Freelance writer, strategist, content creator, producer, instructor, and cool-guy geek.

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Ave JohnHope

I enjoy covering stories that focus on Entertainment/Lifestyle. My favorite part about working as a journalist, is being …

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Yvonne Mateko

Freelance Writer. Humanitarian . Blogger, when my niece and nephew are asleep. Freelance Writer for Hire.Fighter for gender …

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Kompetenzen: Feature Writer, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Lifestyle, Features, Entertainment

Abigale Paredes

I'm a middle school student.

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Rose Cabacang

Freelance Copywriter based in the Philippines, Rose's passion for writing evolved from joining high school essay contests into …

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Lucie Inland

Photographe et rédactrice indépendante. Membre de L'Imprimerie Nocturne. Arts, féminisme, luttes & discriminations, vin naturel, personnel.

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Rebecca O'Keeffe

My passion for the written word knows no bounds. I write about everything, but my true passion lies …

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Kompetenzen: Editor
Spezialisierungen: Fashion