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Lauryn Azu

Journalism student at UW-Madison

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Kompetenzen: Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor
Spezialisierungen: Politics, Music, Journalism, Culture

Farrah Mandeeli

Testimonials (Upwork): "Farrah is an extremely smart, intelligent, punctual, disciplined and motivated person. During her time working on ...

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Sharon Nadeem

Sharon Nadeem is a Vancouver-based multimedia journalist, specializing in global reporting and international affairs. Originally from India, Sharon ...

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Samantha Key

Woman//Poet//Crybaby living in NYC

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Suzanne Johnson

Writing that engages, informs, and delights.

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Ana Begic

Ambitious and motivated copywriter, experienced in writing long and short copy for different channels. Skilled in adapting to ...

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jared victoria

I am a middle school student.

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Amanda Prahl

A playwright, lyricist, dramaturg, teacher, and freelancer, I love all things pop culture and have strong opinions about ...

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Freya Pratty

My name's Freya and I'm an MA journalism student at Sciences Po in Paris. I'm currently working freelance ...

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Louise Worsell

B2B Freelance Content Marketer

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Kompetenzen: Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Lifestyle, Health

Kate Yanko

Kate is a writer with over 10 years of experience in creating quality content. She specializes in marketing ...

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Spezialisierungen: Health

Lindsay Geoffroy

An emerging professional seeking a rewarding career in a fast-paced and competitive environment. Graduate of UMass Lowell with ...

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Spezialisierungen: Environment

Rob Bayley

With several years of experience in writing about film for digital and print media, I am knowledgeable and ...

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Spezialisierungen: Film, Art

Lester Glenn Tabada

Hi I'm Lester Tabada. I'm a 30 year-old writer, blogger artist and a CPA based in the Philippines. ...

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Kelly Meyer

As my childhood love of photography blossomed, I cultivated that passion into a career and have been professionally ...

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Nicole Rodriguez

Nicole Rodriguez is a South West Florida-based journalist specializing in government, politics, breaking news and investigative reporting.

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Kompetenzen: Reporter
Spezialisierungen: Social Media, Politics, News, Journalism

Sven van Raaij

Copywriter. Hangt aan je lippen. Vraagt je het hemd van je lijf. En schrijft alsof zijn leven ervan ...

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Rachel Lee Taylor

As a literary scholar and writing professional, my passion lies in crafting language to communicate a brand's voice ...

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Spezialisierungen: Art

Seth McBride

Writer, musician and creative mind by way of Providence, RI. Currently a contributing writer for WeeklyRapGods.com.

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