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Joseph Olbrycht-Palmer

I am an Australian journalist based in Western Sydney. My work has been published by outlets such as …

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Kompetenzen: Sub-editor, Reporter, Feature Writer, Editor, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Social Media, Politics, News, Journalism, Business

Doug Parr

General Contractor at DP Construction, LLC, dba Doug Parr Custom Homes

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Tahlia McKinnon

20, Media and English student, freelance filmmaker, writer and critic for online magazine, Rainbow Bazooka. Ultimate goal is …

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Spezialisierungen: Film

Drew Tilton

Drew Tilton is an experienced writer, creator, and leader, who is passionate about Jesus, His Kingdom, and His …

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Antony Isidoro

Estudante de jornalismo, ávido por novos conhecimentos e com necessidade constante de contar histórias.

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Anisha Mistry

Experienced Food and Drink Editor and Senior Technical Writer with ten years experience in EU trademarks and design …

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Sai Keerthi

Hey Profile VisitorsWelcome to my portfolio. I am Keerthi, content creator and strategist.

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Paulina Szlaga

Słowo pisane ma dla mnie duże znaczenie, nabiera wagi. Faceboook: Ewa Collection 1-10.2018 Zmniejsz dystans. Kupuj lokalnie. 1-10.2018 …

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Alexa Carr

Alexa is from the Kitsap Peninsula of WA state. She is a technical editor and writer based in …

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Chandana Reddy

Passionate towards writing and can create words that makes your website to rank top on search engines.

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Laina Yost

Laina is an enterprise reporter with the KentStater/KentWired. She was previously the managing editor at the Clarion. She …

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Keely Damara

Graduate from Northern Arizona University's Photojournalism and Documentary Studies program.

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Kompetenzen: Editor
Spezialisierungen: News

Manali Tiwari

Words bring life to whatever happens around us. Being a content writer, I love to explore and work …

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Shefali Parashar

Writer. Rant Specialist. Uses humour to compensate for social skills.

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Adiha Sohail

A content strategist and writer who can cover a vast range of topics for digital marketing purpose. A …

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Renata Heining

Formada em Jornalismo pela USCS-Universidade Municipal de São Caetano do Sul. Com experiência na produção de textos, fotos, …

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Kompetenzen: Reporter, Photographer, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Travel, Technology, Social Media, News, Music, Lifestyle, Journalism, Film, Entertainment, Education, Culture, Art

saman quraeshi

I am a freelance writer and story teller who is engaged in issues pertaining to American Muslim experience, …

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Alexa Myles

Assistant Opinion Editor for PCC's Independent Paper, the Courier

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Emily Gagne

Yellow-haired female who likes waffles, news, horror movies and slaying rhetorical devices. Writer for The Mary Sue, Yahoo …

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Spezialisierungen: News, Film

oscar easley

Experienced graphic designer and photographer with a demonstrated history of working in the furniture industry as well as …

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Daniel Goodwin

I am a Film Journalist for New Empress with work published by numerous other periodicals and sites including: …

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Spezialisierungen: Film

Kellie Dundon

An experienced Manager and B2B Marketer, with work experience in Change Management, International Trade Development, Small Business and …

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Kompetenzen: Translator, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Travel, Social Media, Science, Politics, News, Lifestyle, Health, Food, Features, Environment, Business

Lisa Samet

Academic writer and editor with a Master’s Degree in Public Administration. I dabble in public policy analyses, government …

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Laura Young

An aspiring freelance writer with expertise in business strategy and higher education.

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Tani Soneye

I'm a Digital Advertising Consultant with a particular interest in Corporate Communications, Investigative Journalism, Social Media Marketing, Broadcasting …

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Bernardo Gasino

algumas das coisas que escrevi e escrevo.

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Penny Willhite

I am a wordsmith. If your project involves words, I have the tools to shape, hone and enhance …

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Kompetenzen: Sub-editor, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Editor, Copywriter
Spezialisierungen: Science, Lifestyle, Food, Features, Education, Culture, Business, Art

Bernando Halauwet

I write anything I think worth writing and that's about it.

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Leah Chin

Hey there! Nice to meet you. My name is Leah. I'm from the great white north, and I'm …

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Emily Neeb

Emily Neeb is a Honours Communication Studies (Co-op) graduate from Wilfrid Laurier University. She grew up on small …

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Kompetenzen: Sub-editor, Proofreader, Editor, Copywriter
Spezialisierungen: Social Media, Culture, Business

Samantha Nieto

24-year-old aspiring journalist

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John Oliver

The Kitchen Factory team has over 20 years' experience in the kitchen design, manufacture and installation industry. We …

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Thayssa Upits

Jornalista em formação, visando sempre em não perder a essência de si. Meu desejo é sempre estar em …

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Rupen Gahir Kalsi

A freelance journalist from Essex writing about everything from meditation to social media @rup_kal

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Maya Lach-Aidelbaum

Resourceful and creative writer, reporter and story-teller. I write engaging news articles, blog posts, company content, and social …

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Danielle Brown

My name is Danielle Brown. I recently graduated from Florida State University with a bachelors English and a …

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Kompetenzen: Editor, Copywriter
Spezialisierungen: Journalism