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Beatriz García Guirado

Periodista y escritora."You have to die a few times before you can really live", Charles Bukowski.

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Mayra Figueroa Vazquez

Hello! My name is Mayra Figueroa. I am a college student at San Diego Mesa College studying Journalism. ...

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Abby Nduta

I am a budding entrepreneur and experienced writer. My focus is on content creation/strategy/marketing. I am learning digital ...

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Anna Turman

Hi, I'm Anna! I am a Memphis native with a lifelong passion for reading, writing and learning. I ...

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Giulia Parise

Copywriter - Translator - Social Media Coordinator - Sealover

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Kompetenzen: Translator, Proofreader, Feature Writer, Copywriter, Blogger
Spezialisierungen: Travel, Sports, Social Media, Lifestyle, Health, Food, Environment, Education, Culture

Rita Zheng

I love designs of all kinds, from big to small. Urban Planning Industrial Design and everything in between

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Emma Stock

Writer, journalist, digital marketeer. After studying in Hertfordshire and working in London I have made my way over ...

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Arathi Aravind

I'm an advertising professional turned creative content writer with 8 years of experience across brand building, marketing communications ...

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Amy Harrison

Journalism Student at Brunel University London, graduating in July 2018 and I am looking to establish myself in ...

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Lucie Simon

19-year-old first year Fashion Journalism student at The University of Sunderland. Key interests are features writing, fashion photography ...

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Spezialisierungen: Journalism, Features, Fashion

Paola Garcia

I could fill this small space with words of who I am, but the truth is that I ...

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Elizabeth Haq

Writer, editor, experience driven. Founder of www.allhoursmag.com

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Kompetenzen: Editor

Débora Lima

Jornalista formada pela Faculdade Cásper Líbero

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elizabeth bennett

A foodie, blogger, content creator, and Google Analytics certified. Specializing in online reputation management and HIPAA compliant communication ...

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Joel Figueroa

Chicago-based writer with no particular niche and a passion for telling all types of stories. Graduated from the ...

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Samuel Nissly

I like long walks on the beach, stargazing, and getting good AP Comp grades.

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Michelle Morgenstern

I am a college graduate who is focuses on wildlife conservation, but I have studied and have experiences ...

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Lauren R.D. Fox

Lauren R.D. Fox is a New York City journalist who has reported for MadameNoire, Curly Nikki, Wetpaint, Enstarz, ...

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Spezialisierungen: News, Lifestyle, Entertainment, Culture, Business, Art

Carly May

I'm a filmmaker and writer from the Dallas area.

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Spezialisierungen: Film

Tom Lowery

In essence, I write and edit words whilst also making the words of others better. I am no ...

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Dev Patel

I love to play soccer. I go to Olympic High School. I am a rising sophomore. I am ...

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ayanna santana

Hi, my name is Ayanna Santana and im 17 years old. High school has kicked my butt in ...

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