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Ashley Maria Bermudez Portfolio

Ashley Maria Bermudez

Spirited and versatile reporter with a desire to produce timeless and original pieces for those who are not …

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Victor Emmanuel Portfolio

Victor Emmanuel

Residente em Palmas / TO, acadêmico de jornalismo pela Universidade Federal do Tocantins (UFT). Experiência profissional fez parte …

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Anaelys Trochez's Portfolio Portfolio

Anaelys Trochez's Portfolio

Advertising & Marketing Intern • Class of 2020 - Southern Adventist University • Editor • Writer • Reader …

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Sarah Brown Portfolio

Sarah Brown

Content creator. Writer.

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Pablo Rodero Portfolio

Pablo Rodero

Trabajo en la sección de reportajes del periódico 20 Minutos en Madrid y, en los últimos años, he …

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Broadcast journalist at PRIME7 News Formerly, print and online journalist.

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Andere Beispiele

Jabeen Waheed

I am a mid-level entertainment journalist specialising in Hollywood film/television shows, award season coverage and celebrity interviews. Please …

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Jess Lander

Freelance wine, booze, food & travel writer based in Napa Valley, CA.

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Gemma Hirst

Journalism Graduate/ Culture Blogger/ Podcaster

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Jennifer Jackson-Outlaw

Freelance Writer, Digital Creator, Podcaster, and Founder of Plum Goode Media.

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Kienna Kulzer

I am an innovative writer and audio producer with over five years of experience writing and publishing content …

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Mike Hammer, a.k.a. Hib - "The Gig Doctor"

Given the continued pandemic, COVID-19, more businesses are allowing workers to work from home where applicable. When the …

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Vadim Liberman

I may not always know the right answers, but by tackling the right questions, I aim to elevate …

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Marcin Ossowski Portfolio

5015 Clinton St. Los Angeles, CA 90004(424) 293-9887

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Gina Baksa

British freelance editor and luxury lifestyle journalist.Former deputy editor of Luxurious Magazine ( print version*Celebrity interviews, luxury cars, …

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Gillian Saxon

Freelance Writer, Editor, Content Producer and Photographer

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Alison Brinkworth

Freelance journalist in Birmingham with more than 20 years experience writing news, lifestyle and health features and reviews …

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Angela Jones

I am a creative and dynamic cable TV segment producer, and writer. I'm also a screenwriter, and blogger. …

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Kindra Cooper

Freelance journalist and copywriter

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Hidde Boersma

Award-winning freelance science journalist, essayist and documentary film maker, with a focus on agriculture, biotechnology, ecomodernism en bio-ethics. …

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Adam Salandra

I'm a writer and TV host based out of Los Angeles, with a Bachelor's Degree from the Scripps …

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Jessica Lamb

Journalist | Broadcaster | Film Maker | Cyclist | Swimmer | Horse rider

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Sam Yeoman's Writing Portfolio

Sustainability Pro. Purpose-Driven Copywriter. Environmental Journalist. Word Magician.

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Emily Glaser Keough

I am a writer, blogger, dot connector, content marketer and public relations professional with a B.A. in Journalism …

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Valentina Boré

UCF grad with a degree in journalism and women's studies.

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Jasmine Nehilla

Content Strategist Published culture writer and communications professional with a genuine interest in people, their stories and viewers …

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Rick O'Neill

I am a NCTJ qualified writer and editor living in Shanghai, China.

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Sanne Wass

Danish journalist specialising in finance, economics and global affairs.Based in London, UK.

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